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Requirement Analysis and Planning

Requirement analysis is the First fundamental stage in software development. It is performed by the our senior members of the team with inputs from the customer, and market surveys experts in the industry. This information is then used to plan the basic software development project approach and to conduct product feasibility study. Also our professional measuer the risks associated with the project is also done in the planning stage.

Defining Software Requirements

The seconf step is to clearly define and document the product requirements and get them approved from the customer or the market analysts repost. This is done through an SRS Software Requirement Specification document which consists of all the product requirements to be designed and developed during the software project development life cycle.

Designing the Software Architecture

High Level Design gives the architecture of the software product to be developed and is done by architects and our senior developers And Low Level Design is done by senior developers. It describes how each and every feature in the software product should work and how every component should work. Here, only the design will be there and not the code is written.

Building or Developing the Software

.NET WPF is used for development for Microsoft Windows platform when a tight and seamless integration of the desktop software with Microsoft products is needed.

Also Python is used for developing lightweight Software for both windows and linux Platform. Our professional programmers are highly Skilled.

Software Testing

This stage is a subset of all the stages as in the Software development life cycle, the testing activities are mostly involved in all the stages of Software development life cycle. In this stage product defects are reported, tracked, fixed and retested until the product reaches the quality standard. If any bug or problem is happend then our expert are able to shortout the problem.

Deployment in the Market

Once the software is tested and ready to be deployed, it is released formally in the appropriate market. Sometimes software deployment happens in some stages as per the business strategy of that organization. The software may first be released in a small segment and cheaked in the real business environment (UAT- User acceptance testing).

Software maintenance

After deploying the software in the market, we are collecting the reviews based on the feedback, the product may be released as it is or with suggested enhancements in the targeting market segment. After geting user response we are try to upgrade it as our customer satisfaction. And we are also checked the functionality after deployed